The role of image in religion and society

Συζήτηση για το ρόλο της εικόνας στη θρησκεία και την κοινωνία διοργανώνεται στην αίθουσα Διοτίμα από το Arcadia Center και την πολιτιστική εταιρία ΑΙΝΟS.

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The Role of the Image in Religion and Society

 Fr. Dimitri Bathrellos, Canon Malcolm Bradshaw, Eleni Calliga, Véronique Magnes,Niki Tsironis, Ryan Preston

Panel Discussion

Thursday 8th March, 1.30-3.30 pm.

In modern society image plays a vital role. Images in the form of icons became an issue in ninth-century Byzantium and, subsequently, various Christian denominations gave them a secondary role in their worship. In this event we shall explore the meaning of the image –whether material or mental– in Christian worship and in modern society.

Venue :Diotima Salon at the Arcadia Center for Hellenic, Mediterranean and Balkan Studies and Research. Embedokleous 26, Mets.

Entrance free


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